Thank you

I could make this a normal thank you letter but nothing about BCBOBS is normal anymore. You sponsored me in 2018 and I never thought in one million years that I would be out here again. You have given me a second chance to relive my Outward Bound experience. I can’t say this has been easy because it is not! But it was fun and still is. I’m on day 9 solo as I write this letter and it feels refreshing. I’m giving my life back home a second look trying to find what needs to be changed. I come from a lower middle class family that never in one million life times could afford this trip. I’m forever grateful of you and your organization for allowing me to do this. I have met people that I will forever call family. Also meeting people I never knew and all of us coming together to care for one another and pick each other up when you are down is something touching all in itself. Thank you so much. – Tyaunna